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Who Am I ?


I am Me, Myself and I

​I am Lizanne Wilde

I am qualified as a Spiritual life coach, Counsellor and Soul Transformation Therapist. I have worked and supported clients for many years through difficult times and issues. I provide a safe and trustful environment, to support and guide you towards the future you desire.

Spiritual Counselling and Soul Transformation therapy combines not only the standard counselling techniques, the approach integrates healing and understanding of the whole person. To be Listened to, to be Heard, to get those floaty thoughts in order is so very important.

Wanting to be heard is the reason I began my Spiritual journey, to understand myself, to grow independently, to know me and hear what I had to say, without the expectations imposed by others or by myself.

The most important thing I did for myself ?... Engaging in personal therapy, I was so busy supporting others I forgot me! I know this journey from both sides, I know how difficult it can be making changes, making space for yourself.

My therapist gave me an amazing Gift... Me, Myself and I, for which I will forever be Grateful. Together we can find You.

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