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Spiritual Counselling

​A intervention with the ability to identify and overcome negative blocks, to thinking, behaviours and feelings.

Do you have a sense 'all is not right with your world'? You feel a bit disjointed in yourself? Life's just not adding up? We are often overwhelmed with the world and our role within it. Many of our struggles are hidden deep within each of us, we recognise 'feeling', 'reaction', we don't always understand where they are coming from.

Trauma at Soul level is often deeply buried, covered over, ignored. Similar to a physical illness the body will start displaying signs and symptoms of illness. Gaining awareness of disruption, skewed thinking and beliefs, releases the blockages, Reinstating your awareness of your Soul, gathering together missing fragments, allowing positive energy to flow you can discover what has been 'niggling', turning us inside-out and confusing who you truly are. Becoming more aware enables us to let go of past beliefs, behaviours and lets us understand the feelings we so often feel burdened by.

The Path we follow

As awareness of you encounters the outside world, you begin to evaluate your belief system and question the impact of thoughts/beliefs, emotions and actions. Where have they come from? Have they developed through positive or negative effect?
Are they of any use to you?

The most important person to Hear you, is You.

Spiritual Counselling bringing the Conscious and Unconscious together, promoting better

Emotional and Mental Health.

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