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Discover your Shadow Self Holisticaly

Shadow work : Getting to know your darker half

Facing the bits of ourselves, we prefer to ignore shove in a box and hide in a dark place. Why? Because looking at, considering and accepting our darker side is a challenge.

Carefully studying ourselves, being as objective as possible, taking the time to analyse parts of ourselves that we may have blocked out. So why go back and look at these parts? Why bring forth the hurt and pain.... Well because it helps clear the 'Shadows', allowing us to reach our full potential in the coming future, to live our lives to the highest good.

Shadow work gives us a fuller understanding of ourselves and our reality, as you gain a shaper focus and better insight into who, and why you are

The shadow is the “dark side” of our personality, it consists chiefly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power. The majority of us protect our 'self-image' from others, we show our public faces, the face and personality we feel are acceptable.

Exploring your Shadow leads to greater energy and personal awaking (as you've now made space in Mind, Body and Spirit), it supports greater authenticity and creativity.

More importantly its a pathway to mature adulthood, not something everyone achives.

Anything that does not relate with how we have consciouly chosen to 'BE', ends up in the Shadow bin, all the things we dont like about ourselves, the incidents we dont own, the thought and action we choose to ignore, they are Our Personal Shadows.

Personal Shadow: is the disowned self, representing the parts of us we no longer claim as our own, this can include Positive qulities also.

Ignoring these negitive quilities is not surportive, they dont actually go anywhere they embed themslves in our subconsious for those days, they they want to popout, creating confusion in our daily reality.

Openness to experience and the beginnings of Existential living. This is living in the here-and-now. Reality, insists that we not live in the past or the future -- the one is gone, the other is not anything at all, yet!

The present is the only reality we have.

Mind you, that does not mean we should not remember and learn from our past. Nor does it mean we should not plan or even daydream about the future. Just recognize these things for what they are: memories and dreams, which we are experiencing here in the present. (Carl Rogers 1902 - 1987 )

Organismic trusting ( Mind, body and Soul). We should allow ourselves to be guided by the organismic valuing process. We should trust ourselves; do what feels right, what comes natural. Keeping in mind that what is meant is:

Trust you’re real self, the Soul and Spirit of you, only you can know what your real self has to say, if you are open to experience and living existentially! In other words, organismic trusting assumes you are in contact witht the actualizing tendency. Or you have a desire and ability to be open and honest with yourself about who you are, warts n all.

You want to make those changes in understanding.

You want to move forward with your life positivly.

You are brave and courageious in wanting to know

SELF !!!!

By Liz Wilde... Life Coaching with a differance @ Walk With Me Empower you

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