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My Journey

My journey of discovery began way back in the early 90s, a fabulous time to discover one's path, It all began with volunteering at a day centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities. My first lessons were understanding different styles of communication (verbal & non verbal), different styles of behaviour and a firm foundation in how development can be stunted by outside influences. 

I spent 5 happy years with this particular client group. I then found my way to an amazing residential care provision, Sedgemoor College where I met my next amazing and informative group of young people, experiencing Emotional distress. Here I learnt about emerging personalities, skewed thinking and behaviours, I learnt each and every child reacts, recoils, bonds and lets go. That each person has developed coping mechanisms which don't work as they are out grown, no longer providing any sense of safety. As I learnt about the students, I learnt about me and this drove me to learn more in a formal education setting and Spiritually as my paths have always ran alongside each other.

Where next? I didn't want to leave the young people behind and I wanted to move forward to new challenges, so Youth Offending was my next stop, again the work was to include, Thought, Feeling & Behaviours. This time it was in the community, having contact with the wider family and other agencies. Encompassing the requirements of a Lawful sentence with the reality of life and the difficulties those combined elements bring.


I then moved into working with Charities again working with Learning Disabilities bringing all my previous work knowledge and skills with me. The work included Child Protection, Advocacy, Education, Residential placements and living independently and so so much more.


In amongst this... I studied with the Open University, The Holistic Healing College, completed all in house training. I studied Reiki and Spiritual healing. I learnt to communicate verbally and non-verbally. I learnt to ride my amazing huge Trike and how to bat around West Sussex and now Portugal. I married and I was widowed, I grew older...

The most important thing I did for myself ?... Engaging in personal therapy, I was so busy supporting others I forgot me! I know this journey from both sides, I know how difficult it can be making changes, making space for yourself. Yes, therapy is strange at first, mainly the trusting bit, I stuck with it and began to see more clearly, understand me more clearly, my triggers, my history. My Spirit and My Soul.

Most importantly my future both with and without change.


My therapist gave me an amazing Gift... Me, Myself and I, for which I will forever be grateful. Read more...

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