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About Me


As a Qualified Spiritual Life Coach/Counsellor and having worked for over 25 years within the local authorities my professional experience and life experience has shown that when combining the formal and Spiritual aspects of ourselves, we gain insight into who we are, why we are and where we wish to be.

I have extensive experience and training with:

Young people experiencing Emotional distress
Learning Disabilities
Young Offenders
Children and Families in crisis

No matter the difficulty, who you are, where you are or why, I'm here to support, guide and embed the changes you want to make. Our lives are journeys of discovery, fraught with potholes, landslides and at times earthquakes.


Navigating life's obstacles with an inner understanding of our Spiritual connections to the Universe, to the tides and moons, the Earth and roots. When in alignment with our own Soul's destiny, we become authentic, we become peaceful, we become ourselves. Read more...

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