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Walk with me ~ Empower you

Liz Wilde

Holistic Life Coach

Walk With Me ~ Empower You

Welcome Fellow Traveller


Have you wondered how to escape the pan of congealed cold spaghetti you feel trapped in? Is life a revolving door, leaving you feeling lost, stuck, confused, yet you can't quite put your finger on the reason? Something is niggling at the back of your mind or it just doesn't feel right? Learning to understand ourselves in a holistic way, looking at the person as a whole, with layers (bit like an onion), I believe the Holistic approach gathers the 'Whole Person'.

My approach is very grounded, real and compassionate.

Working alongside you and with you, discovering Spiritual well-being within, Work with me, Come discover YOU, In a trusting, safe, non-judgemental Peaceful environment. No matter the difficulty, who you are, where you are, I'm here to support, guide and embed the changes you want to make. Our lives are journeys of discovery, fraught with potholes, landslides and at times earthquakes. Navigating life's obstacles with an inner understanding of our Spiritual connections, to the Universe, to the tides and moons, the Earth and roots.

When in alignment with Our Own Souls Destiny, we become authentic, we become peaceful, we become Ourselves.

What People Say


I experienced Holistic counselling with Lizanne a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is WOW. Such a good listener and I felt safe speaking about certain subjects in which I’d never usually feel open enough to share with anyone. She has helped me massively and I cannot wait to see her again as she is so supportive and kind. Thank you so much

Anna U.K

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